A Little Place Called Home

There was once an apartment: It was nice and blue. Blue like the color of the sky, and nice like a summer breeze coming through the window.

There was a man who had just moved out of an apartment: He was staying with a relative; invading a different realm. It was nice and it was cozy, but it was not his home.

There was a woman he fell in love with: She had a place she called her home. It had a fort above the ground and it was hot like the sun.

Looking and looking was the man — for a place to call home, when one day out of the blue he found an apartment dressed in blue. It was nice and small, and felt like a breeze in summer. It was a place one could call home.

In love fell the man and the woman, and they decided to make the blue home their home. There was a desk, and there was a couch, and there was a kitchen where things would be made. Eat and eat they would, and watch as many movies as they could. The little blue apartment became a place of love and growth.

Day to day they were there and night to night they got there. It was a fortress, a cave, and a tent. It became a safe place to stay.

It has been over a year since the blue apartment became their home, and every day it is more home than before. There are plants and there are cats; there is music and there is film. There are many sights to behold and many flavors to enjoy.

It is the place we call home.

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