Of Fatigue and Hope

The past few months have been rough. Rough is sort of an understatement.

Work wise this has been a year that had much more than I was expecting. At work I am fortunate enough to be always busy with some activity related to either external or internal company projects, which is always good. This amount of activity, however, is starting to take its toll on me as I am rarely energetic and able to be lively in the early hours of the morning. This has been growing worse and worse as time goes by, and is luckily held together by the amount of physical activity I usually undergo.

There is just so much that work can occupy a mind to make it tired.

Those who know me should be aware of the situation that my partner is currently in: After many a year of unwise decisions provided by a series of individuals in the Canadian government, getting a visa as a foreign worker is nothing short of impossible. One of such workers happens to be my partner, who struggled lat year to get an extension to her visa which ultimately did not come through.

After many a month of waiting we finally heard some good news about her status… a work permit is on its way to our home! She can go back to work and to a more regular rhythm all around. This has definitely taken a lot of weight off my back and given me more hope for the future.

Now come days of planning the things that are going to come our way and all the loveliness that the future has in store for us.

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