Get a Cat; Reduce Stress

Life is a myriad of happiness, sadness, anxiety, joy, stress, and love. Positive emotions push you forward in some ways, while negative emotions do the same in different manners.

Stress is something that a lot of people live with, and something that holds them down and pins them to the ground on a daily basis. It is the great disease of our times: Lowering productivity and making people generally unhappy and unhealthy.

This year in order to get something to get distracted with, we decided to foster cats a few weeks after catsitting for a friend. Having a cat was an experience on its own as we noticed that we were generally more entertained and had more things to look forward to every single day of the week. The change was fairly noticeable after the cat was gone and we had not as many things to get distracted with. Once the foster cats came to our abode, the level of activities skyrocketed and has not really slowed down since.

Something that has slowed down, however, is the stressed (or amount thereof) that plagues our bodies. There is nothing quite like sitting at home with a furry friend keeping you company when there is much going on in the world. These are creatures that care little about whatever it is that is happening outside the window, and are content to live a simple and enjoyable existence.

There is some wisdom to living in such a way: Worrying about oneself and taking care of one’s own image. Treating everyone in such a way that anything can be obtained in exchange for a few seconds of affection. Being generally slightly arrogant and very confident in anything that is done… Not saying that being a cat is the best thing ever and that everyone should be a cat.

There is however, some truth to living in a more simple way like pets usually do — and then forget about the little things that can get to fill a life with stress and un-well being.

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