Disease and Coziness

This was a slow weekend for all the right reasons. Something struck the lady in the last day of the week and she was horribly sick all throughout the weekend. Although we usually make use of weekends in order to get as many things done as possible, this was quite the contrary as we focused on doing as little as we could.

The past few weeks have been slightly hectic. It is not so much about the amount of work that I have to do on a daily basis, but how much it actually takes to get it done. I have reached a point in my career where I have managed to make most of the things in my day automated… and when relying on computers to run code takes a fair amount of a day, something is terribly wrong with the world.

I like to think about the amount of time I would spend every day if this was not completely automated like it is now: At the end of my day every day I spend something close to an hour or two running code that allows me to compile information so it can be sent to the client we are working for. If I were to somehow gather and process this information on my own without relying on computers, I could easily spend thrice or maybe five times as much time as I do. Still, the amount of time spent doing this is taking some getting used to.

In light of this constant waiting around in an office for code to run, I decided early this year that this time around I was going to balance all these hours of being in front of a computer with something different through exercise, and so it is that every day I exercise from one to two hours — very often through my commute.

Toll in 11 hours of work every day plus 1.5 hours of exercise plus 5.5 hours of sleep. This is a formula that my body can only take for so long.

This weekend was the perfect time to rethink how time is currently being distributed in my days, and also perfect to let my muscles relax for a while, as I have developed the habit of not resting a single day and replacing my daily cycling with other activities such as running. There has to be more resting in one’s life.

What comes now is keeping up with the hours of exercise as the weather goes down and my weight goes up. Fun times?

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