Going Cold and Running Wild

Weekends in that space after all the summer and autumn activities end but anything winter related is still distant are a coin toss. Often times there is something happening that can fill the entire weekend, while other days everything is much more simple and there is little to do.

We took the opportunity to go see the Montreal Zombie Walk this year since we missed it last year. Every year I have gone to see this I have noticed it has changed much. In the past there were far less people and even less guests. This year, however, there were far more people watching the zombie walk than participants — and there were a few thousand zombies walking the streets of Montreal. It was nice and sweet, but definitely very chaotic… something which prevented us from greatly enjoying the walk (and the weather definitely did not help).

Luckily downtown Montreal has plenty of things to offer, so after getting some rum and going on a noodle run (should this not be the other way around?), we decided to hole up at home and stay cozy while the weather was at its most temperamental: Cold turned to warmth, and then to hail, snow, and rain.

The Halloween festivities are now over. Really wishing they could have enjoyed better… but factors outside of our hands have made these days more bittersweet than we would like them to be.

Brighter days have yet to come.

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