Adapting for Winter Cycling

This year has been great as far as cycling goes: I started a good 2 months earlier than usual as I was already out in late March, kept going every single day throughout the summer, and have made it to the middle of fall without any problems.

Winter, however, is little over a month away.

This will be the first time in years that I will be doing some form of winter bicycle riding, and unlike the previous times that this was done, I am neither doing this with a mountain bike nor am I doing this in a recreational manner. This time around I am looking to commute every single day of the season with my bicycle… which is definitely going to be an odyssey.

Out of all the things needed for winter cycling, I am only missing all the ones that actually go in the bicycle. Clothes are present, along with any accessories that could make my riding easier, but when it comes to the upgrades that my ride will need, there is much that can be desired. Fenders, tires, general bike maintenance. Some items that I have decided to ignore up until this point but that cannot be ignored any further.

First year riding in winter. First winter influenced by el niño we have had in years. How bad can it be?

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