A Hearty Meal and the Rain That Fell

The weather in this city is at an all time odd. One day the city is freezing, the next one it is warm, and afterwards the sky falls down. It is one of those weeks when it is better to stay indoors in the coziness of home. Maybe one day.

For now the drill is leaving home around 06:00 every morning and arriving back home roughly 12 hours later. The fact that it is dark when I leave home and dark when I get home is most disconcerting, though at least there is always a lovely commute in between… mostly.

Today shaped up to be a good day from the beginning: There was little anxiety from an event that took place yesterday at work — tensions were low (sort of) and there was a lot of determination in the air, and we were also going to have a lunch among coworkers, which is something that almost never happens during working hours.

The restaurant that was decided by the majority of people was an odd choice in that the amount of vegetarian dishes that were served was fairly small, and with two vegetarians in the team it was somewhat uncomfortable. In my case I made my life easier merely by pulling out my pescitarian pass and ordering some salmon for myself. What a massive meal was had… and then the sky started to fall down.

Getting back to work in the rain shaped up what the rest of the day was going to be like. In the words of my Dutch friends, the weather was mostly misery. As much as I like rainy days, there is something unenchanting about rain in the dark, and as the lady and I rode our bicycles from the downtown area to our home, we experienced dampness and darkness.

Days like today really make one think about summer… until next year!

Back to vegetarianism, and on to making plans for winter wardrobe and bicycle equipment.

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