Pleasantries and the Weather

Temperamental weather is something to always watch out for. This is the kind of problem that can turn a perfectly good weekend into something much more stale or enjoyable… or so people claim.

After 8 months of constantly cycling and experiencing the best and worst of the weather, I have learned how to ignore inclement weather and instead enjoy every single moment. Proof of this was the odd day that we had yesterday as the weather went from shiny and comfortable to windy and dark in the space of an hour.

It all started with the coziness of the sun in the morning: We headed downtown to meet with some friends in order to decide ideas for Halloween, and eventually found ourselves eating in a restaurant we had not yet tried. It is easy to forget how hard it can be for vegetarians and vegans to find something to eat in a restaurant, and although this place in particular offered some options, we were limited to 4 dishes and 4 dishes only. My choice for a vegetarian dish was so fantastic I have decided to steal the recipe (picture in the header).

Exiting the restaurant was an experience on its own as the weather had shifted from cozy to aggressively cold. We walked and walked from store to store and block to block to find some inspiration, and while some came to us, there was not enough to have anything concrete.

A lot of walking was done yesterday compared to our usual cycling, and while the weather was not the best to be doing this, we managed to have a good time and get inspired enough to work on our plans for Halloween (mostly future ones since we are out of time) and thinking about the path that lies ahead.

Also, we are thinking of doing couple cosplays in the future. That would be something.

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