Out With the Old

This year has been a year of fitness and general well-being. Not only have I cycled the most amount of kilometers I have ever done in a year, but I have also decidedly picked up running as my second sport and will be adding swimming once winter comes (and there are less things to do).

Today with the lady we did almost 7 kilometers in our leisure run, that is — the run we do every week just to feel good. No rush and no commitment, but just feeling good.

There was something off with today’s run though, and it did not become apparent until after I was done with the run: There was some serious damage in my feet today, and the perpetrators (at the top of this page), were swiftly identified and removed.

This was a pair of FiveFingers KSO Trek: The very first pair of minimalist shoes I ever had, and today they reached the end of their usable life. These are shoes that took me across cities and through many a convention in the past. Shoes that went up hills and walked many an office. Today they ran their last 6.7 kilometers, and they decided it was time for them to be decommissioned as they created some damage in my feet (there was certain discomfort which I dismissed… apparently it cannot be dismissed anymore).

These shoes are survived by my entire fitness life and around 6 other pairs of minimalistic shoes that I acquired after these convinced me that minimalist was the way to go. These shoes are also responsible for the successful recovery I experienced after I destroyed my left knee in a snowboarding accident in the winter months between 2013 and 2014.

May they rest in peace and be recycled into equally useful parts somewhere in this planet. Their mission and objective of keeping me healthy and on the move shall not be forgotten and will be carried on by their descendants.

I will be needing a new pair of shoes once spring comes our way.

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