Feeding a Ravenous Mind

I love reading. This is something that was not always true: There was once a time where I could barely stand the sight of a book. Spoiled child. Having an education at home and at school that involved a large amount of reading should have taught me something important, though instead I managed to convince myself that reading was silly and that I had no need for it.

And so it was that for the largest part of my late childhood and adolescence, I made it a point not to read out of pleasure (but secretly did anyway). Now as an adult I look back to this and realize how silly it is.

In the present, my struggle with reading comes from the decision to either work out as I commute or read as I commute. Choosing the former for my well being came at the price of having 2 less hours to read every day — hours that I used for years in the past.

It is time for change.

With the inspiration that has coming back to me these days as I force myself to write a blog post every day, so came the need to find something to write about, and what better inspiration for writing than reading something that someone already wrote a vast amount of time ago? Following the theme of this month, halloween, I decided to restart reading all of my horror books, and while doing this I realized that there was something that I started doing in the past that was forgotten… for some reason.

Enter the collection of deluxe Penguin Horror books. These are 6 books particular in that they were all curated and have an introduction by Mexican film director and visionary Guillermo del Toro. These books come in hard, beautifully contrasting covers, and lovely-looking dark-edged pages. I remember the day these showed up in bookstores — I remember thinking that I wanted to have all of them in that moment, and I remember that my bank account could not take it at the time. So I got 2 out of the set of 6 and read them the same evening. Then years passed.

Now I found them again and decided to complete the set: One book at a time until I have them all. First in the list is The Haunting of Hill House, a book that I have never read and am genuinely interested by.

So re-starts the journey through horror literature… and I know exactly where this one will lead me.

Happy horror reading!

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