Fall Before the Storm

Easy days. This year I have had the fortune and misfortune of having very active, sometimes loaded with stress, days almost every day every week. Exceptions are few, which is not something I mind at all as I enjoy the thrill of challenges and thrive in business.

The videogame industry is where I currently belong. It is like a current that swiftly moves from one place to the next — gets cold and then warm, and sometimes it creates a storm. Mostly tropical storms. Like the weather, businesses change. As unpredictable as the weather can get to be, this business in particular has decided to give us a winter storm that will soon hit, and we will have a busy winter whereas things were light and calm in previous years.

This blog post, however, is not about the storm that may or may not come. This post is about today, which was possibly one of the last calm days I will have in the days to come.

Today had a certain charm to it: All the stress that could be felt in the air due to the elections yesterday was gone and people were generally smiling and hopeful for the future. The weather was decent and people appreciated this in many ways — mostly by enjoying the rays of sun and being generally not overdressed. In my case this meant that I did not have to wrap myself like a popular Mexican dish, and my day was mostly spent working on items that will be useful in the future for myself, my testers, and some colleagues. Building tools, sending emails, and preparing for something greater… today was a day well spent.

There are good vibes in the wind, which I will make sure to ride for as long as they exist.

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