Coconut Drinks and Democracy

Some days are just too long to be real. The day of the election felt weird from the very moment I left the house and suddenly all the propaganda that dressed the streets was gone — true it was, that on election date there should not be any sort of publicity from any party or any influence on what the voters should decide.

Polls and walls were decorated with the many colors of the 4 main parties of Canada, and on this election day — the coldest day of the season thus far (lovely -5 metric degrees) — the streets were devoid of color and instead adorned with the darkest shades of blue.

Perhaps it was the election or maybe just the cold weather — maybe both? There was a certain hostility in the air that could be found in the streets, online, at the workplace, and with every interaction I had to do throughout the day. Feeling a little sick from the underdressedness that I underwent on my way to work, I had to deal with 9 hours of generally displeased people in many a facet of my life. Once everything came to an end, my partner and I decided to look for solace in an enjoyable autumn walk.

We live in the lower level of one of Montreal’s many climbs. From the river to the first climb one can walk for 6 blocks before the first climb appears (we live in the 3rd block). From the first climb there are around 10 more blocks until the second one, and after some flatness everything goes down. Every climb has the particularity of changing the way a neighbourhood looks completely: While our area has smaller older buildings, the area in the level “above” has simpler-looking condos and generally less open space. Also, better stores.

We were strolling around this area and decided to kill some time by going into a larger supermarket. Looking for food, we found nothing short of excess and very little we could actually eat (supermarkets: the pinnacles of omnivorism). We managed to find some very healthy shakes — that eventually ended up being mixed with rum — and decided to head down to our level.

Once in our level we headed to our local Vegan mini-market (the only one in the island) and found salvation.

After tossing our pizzas in the oven and mixing our drinks with enough rum for the night, we tuned on to one of the many streams regarding Canada’s election — just in time to see the first Liberal seat from Atlantic Canada be decided. From that moment on we went through 3 hours of emotion, slight amounts of stress, and finally… hope. With 184 seats the Liberals managed to gain a majority in parliament. Things should be changing in the days to come.

Then the lights went out, and this crazy and long day was over.

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