Steel Bikes and Fall

Bike rides are something we do very often. As we currently do not own a car they are our usual way of disconnecting from every day life and going somewhere at the same time. We also use the exercise to… well, do some exercise.

Today we decided to do something slightly different to what we usually do and we went up the tiny climbs in Mont Royal in the heart of Montreal. We discovered it to be quite a special ride today as we were met by some slight inclement weather as well as the extra effort that came through our using our steel commuting bikes instead of our regular aluminum touring bikes.

For starters, our take off was delayed due to hail falling all over the city. After this stopped we decided to get in our way towards the mountain, only to be greeted by snowflakes falling on our face all the way from the beginning to the top.

It turns out that as fun as my fixed gear bicycle is, taking all the way to the top was more of an “I am enjoying my pain” experience compared to the usual “woohoo, going fast” type of ride I have every single day. Definitely a good change compared to the usual… and after only about an hour of riding we managed to make it to the top. Eureka! Accomplishments.

After this deed was done we realized we were far more cold than we would have liked to, so our descent started towards a more warm and poutine-ish future.

A simple quest was done on this day, however, much fun and effort was had and used. Definitely something to try more often! Fixed gear bicycles are truly more versatile than their usual velodrome or fashion accessory usage.

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